Passion to look beyond what Frank Lloyd Wright  created at The Martin Home is a powerful way to appreciate of the actual work. The artwork I envision will bring to life the soul and the fantasy that the structures elicit. In between the formal structures and gardens lies a “gateway” to greater understanding of the property 

The “Dream Garden” exhibition will be an opportunity to bring attention to this incredible property and the vision it affords. (A tie-into an architectural/environmental group might help to elevate the exhibition and provide a way for people to support the continuing need for preservation.) The preservation of this iconic property and the surrounding grounds is of important concern. By creating an exhibition that celebrates human interaction with it one cannot help but realize the importance of its essence.Vital to this exhibition is the great venue that inspires the work. Martin House has just the right walls and space to host an immersive multi-media exhibition  along with the video, artwork and music that can come with it.


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"Dream Garden"  art hanging on the wall